Anima wants to re-welcomes itself into the no-code arena with a robust
marketing solution

Anima is a no-code tool that allows users to export live web content and interactive prototypes from static designs


Web Design

Graphic Design

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Design Aim

Rethink the design execution for the brand and lead the next marketing campaign for the company

Launch an engaging and interactive website to attract other designers and creatives

Drive more potential customers towards the Anima website

Build trust amongst unsure designers

Business Problems

Unable to formulate a brand and
build trust with users around the

The features could be better conveyed without giving too much away

Cant always get  existing users to keep coming back to the product

Marketing Website

An improved look and feel of the
marketing website

Full website redesign and graphic strategy alongside AB Testing, SEO and interactive prototyping.

Unique pricing cards and 3D buttons
for elevated user experience

Brand Refresh & Strategy

Color coded illustrations depicting
the product

Content strategy, color schemes, typography and overall brand expansion

Easy to remember colors to build
brand recall

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