Hestle joined the social media arena with a sleek and modern design

Hestle is a modern social media suite gaining attention for integrating seamlessly with every major social media app.


Web Design

Web Development


Product Design

3D Iconography & Design


Design Aim

Design an innovative startup campaign to get the word about Hestle going and getting early reputation in social media

Showcase the robust platform to investors, brand ambassadors, influencers and Mark Zuckerberg.

Reach goal of 24K signups in first round of beta launch

Promote their new Instagram to website feature

Business Problems

Unable launch a trendy marketing website and product demonstration to get investors excited.

Hestle has a lot of sub-solutions, so it was difficult for them to explain the product as a whole

Upcoming Series A funding round

Need to get social media agencies on board with the product

Brand & Identity

Gradient-oriented branding was used to pose Hestle as an innovating startup.

The tone, mood, copy and attributes were finalized for the Hestle brand to launch and scale

Recognizable, scalable and
approachable logo for the brand

Marketing Website

Unique Color Variations for every
sub-product and industry

Full website redesign, wireframing, prototyping, Webflow development and deployment.

Unique Color Variations for every
sub-product and industry

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