The blockchain-based software that is revolutionizing real estate.

Backed by Y Combinator

Snapdocs is a Silicon Valley startup with a de-centralized approach to booking real estate deals via Ethereum


Web Design

Web Development


Product Design

Design Aim

Launch a colorful marketing campaign which playfully exhibits the brand’s motive to raise awareness on the “data crises”

Get blockchain enthusiasts to enroll in the Snapdocs Ethereum course

Attract a modern wave of tech enthusiasts to get interested in conducting real estate deals using the Snapdocs platform

Allow interested customers to pay for a notary finding subscription in the platform

Business Problems

Unable to get users excited about the new features. Cannot convey the message to existing users

Upcoming Series C Funding

No immersive product tour

Templated website experience

Social Media Campaign

Brand colors and gradient

The brand, the product and the website all maintained the Snapdocs aesthetic and culture

Voice Centric Logo Refresh

Next Case: Hestle